Social Media Marketing

Building and Managing Your Social Media Presence to Achieve Business Goals.

Going Beyond the "Like", "Share" & "Pin"

Social Media Marketing

Social media is part of the modern day experience.  The user's experience doesn't occur within a single channel, but moves between multiple channels.  Identifying your customer's habit's online and aligning them with the appropriate social media outlet will increase the value that your marketing dollar brings. 

92 West can help you build effective campaigns that not only lead to client engagement, but lasting client relationships. Social media is a low cost alternative to traditional campaigns such as TV and Radio.  Both use frequency and reach, but social media can be directly measured.  

Contact 92 West to assist you with building your social engagement and digital media campaigns.

Social Media Marketing
Quick Q&A

Social media outlets are an excellent tool to communicate directly to the consumer and can be a great resource for feedback and promoting sales. The real question is what social media should you be focusing on and what resources will you need to implement. 92 West can help you navigate these waters and implement a program that works for your budget and time.
Benchmarking the value of any campaign is goal driven; customer acquisition, lead generation, clicks, revenue, contest entries etc. The success of any campaign is dependent on the goals you set, determining the right platform to align the strategy with, tracking of the campaign expense and time, and then reviewing the results and resetting the goals.A little research and testing will go a long way to increase the dollar earned vs. the dollar you spend.
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn are among the most popular. Examining your business goals, messaging and wanted clients will determine what is the best fit for you.

Social Media Advertising

Campaign generation with graphics formatted for multiple uses combined with our on-staff project management team to assist you with the lead you through the process (or manage it entirely).

Social Media Apps

Interactive social media applications for lead generation, job sourcing, gaming and more.

Battle Plan

Strategy creation which includes training and support to maximize online marketing.


92 West can help and train staff members to identify the appropriate metrics that make successful campaigns, build apps and website integration.

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