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Time to take on that 800lb Gorilla called your competition! Whether your a small start-up or an establish fortune 500, SEO levels the playing field. Our internal, and certified, SEO expert has a proven record of success and can help any business succeed with online search.


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Search Engine Optimization
Quick Q&A

There are many ways to track search engine optimization. Integration of Google Analytics, Rank Tracking, Link Tracking with regular reporting ensure that all efforts are tracked and the successes or failures are known and accounted for.
Yes. 92 West offers SEO Classes that are small and personal. You'll receive our own 40 + page SEO book that will serve as your guide and give you a place to track your progress.The book covers all the basics of search engine optimization, what to look for, what to do and what not to do (Black Hat SEO). The initial class is 3 Hours long and ongoing training can be arranged.
This is one of the most important steps in SEO. Proper research is key in any successful campaign. This includes identifying your target terms and verifying their relevancy.

SEO & SEM Strategy

Developing a search stategy is the most important part in your online marketing. In developing this you have to think what are my services / products? Who are my clients? How do I want to be found? Where can I post to gain popularity and drive traffic to my site? How can I use social media to my advantage? Without a solid SEO & SEM Strategy you will find that many hours have been wasted and there is no gain. Or worse do something wrong and get punished by Google.

SEO Classes

92 West offers our standard 3-Hour training session for individuals wanting to embark on their own search engine optimization; includes a small classroom environment, 92 West's 40+ page book on SEO and a hands on approach to your individual needs.

Backlink Campaign

Doing backlinking can get complicated pretty fast if your new to it. Being aware of the ever changing Googles Penguin and Panda updates is a must. We backlink to a verity of sites that are trusted by Google, Yahoo and Bing. We include bookmarking, social media, high page rank backlinks, article post with relevant content and much more!

Alexa Ranking Improvement

Alexa ranking is a ranking factor that the search engines look at. The lower your websites Alexa ranking is the more popular your website is, the more traffic your site will get, and the more relevant your website looks to the major search engines.

Onsite SEO

92 West will evaluate your existing site and give a detailed analysis of your meta tags, heading tags, website content and site-map. After reviewing the needs of the site that match your SEO strategy, we will make recommendations and advise on the relevance of each item and which should be acted upon. Once action items are approved we will systematically update each item until completion.

SEO Strategy Reports / Rank Tracker

Our SEO Strategy Reports are generally 75 pages long, covering onsite, and off site SEO, social media, back links, and much much more. With these reports we compare your website to your competitors and see what there doing to get higher rankings.

Article Submission

We have an excellent PR and blogging network to make your content available throughout the world wide web. More importantly, the article submissions will only be placed in high-value (and relevant) publishers of content; high page rank backlinks over quality wins the day.

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