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Search Engine Marketing Requires a Plan

Search Engine Marketing

92 West combines the best practices for acquiring traffic, visibility and conversion through both paid (pay-per-click) and organic efforts to develop our client's SEM plan.  Truly, an effective SEM plan requires a combination of search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads and management services, content marketing and multimedia marketing.

The process is not complicated, but it does require knowledge and dedication to track, implement and adjust as analytic data requires.

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Search Engine Marketing
Quick Q&A

The best SEM practice is to create a blueprint that first examines your existing social, ppc and seo while integrating an executable, manageable and measurable plan. (Integrate the services you or your agency can manage and follow-up with.)
Yes! 92 West has ongoing training and can create an unique program for you and your staff specifically.
Paid services are done through companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing while organic search requires onsite and offsite seo to improve viability and conversion.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is part of the modern day experience. The user's experience doesn't occur within a single channel, but moves between multiple channels. Identifying your customer's habit's online and aligning them with the appropriate social media outlet will increase the value that your marketing dollar brings.

Search Engine Optimization

Time to take on that 800lb Gorilla called your competition! Whether your a small start-up or an establish fortune 500, SEO levels the playing field. Our internal, and certified, SEO expert has a proven record of success and can help any business succeed with online search.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Expand your reach, drive new leads and create new customers for your business as soon as your first search engine marketing campaign is live.

Search Marketing Branding

Define your place online and clear out the competition by highlighting your difference and why you are the best choice. 92 West has a proven history of making a difference in the local and national search front.

Local Business Listings

92 West will find, update and management your online business listings and integrate SEO within each post.

SEO / SEM Training

Learn how to update your SEO and implement / manage your own search engine marketing plan.

Keyword Research

Not all keywords are built the same; the value changes each day. 92 West can identify important keywords in use and make recommendations on words that are not in use onsite and offsite.

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