Mobile Application Development

iOS and Android Applications for Smartphones and Tablets / iPads

Create bold, beautiful and transformative mobile experiences.

The Process: 6-Steps

Concepting & Strategy

From concept to completion our team stress-tests every project that 92 West takes on.  We want to know why your idea is unique and why it's going to be successful. Developing an application takes time, money and a sound plan to develop, launch, market and make successful. This is where we shine; working hand-in-hand with our clients to turn ideas into products.

The Foundation: Feature Set

The set of features desired will form the foundation of the entire project.  Fundamentally, it's the base in which we build everything around; designs, coding, work-flow... it's the projects bible.

Design & Workflow

First impressions are met and bound by design.  The look and feel of your mobile application will set the tone for every touch-point there after.  Our team is dedicated to creating the best layout to ensure an excellent user experience that makes sense with every click.

Development & Launch

Development isn't just writing code, it's the first step in creating a perfect app and it's architecture. We run our development program in two-week sprints that result in a new and incremental build at the end of each fortnight; allowing you to regularly review progress and assess the project build.


There is no one-size-fits all solution to marketing and launching any app. Careful planning, strategy is needed and 92 West's in-house team and partner marketing experts can make your launch a success.


We offer maintenance packages that cover anything from compatibility updates and system checks all the way up to ongoing feature expansions and diversification by creating new versions.

Mobile Application Development
Quick Q&A

The costs are highly dependent on the functions needed and which platform(s) and device(s) you'll want the mobile application to function on. Regardless, with planning, design and development any application will start at $7.5K or more.
Native coding offers a great deal of direct flexibility and direct access to all the functions allowed by Google (for Android) and Apple (for iOS). However, native does also require any developer to create the application again if your planning on releasing to multiple platforms.Alternative options include programming an application in Appcelerator's Titanium which allows us to develop once and with a few modifications make it available to additional platforms. The advantage of Titanium over HTML5 apps is that the final output is native code so the app runs smoothly and fast.What option is best for you? It boils down to the functions you need and the budget you have for the project.

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