Digital Strategy

Listen. Create. Measure. Digital Success is About Data. Not Guessing.

Our Approach

Ditial Strategy

Listen. Create. Measure.

92 West is in the business of building businesses; effectiveness is everything.  With every project, we ask: Was the goal accomplished? Did our work evoke an emotion? Was it easy to use? Most importantly; Did it create action?

The last item of our list is really important.  It's not enough to make consumers take notice; we have to make them care enough to pursue an action - change their behavior. (Technology is only as important as what the end user does with it.)

We break our digital strategies into five sciences:

  1. Optimization & Targeting: Ensure that every digital experience meets the needs of the consumer. We test layouts, optimize graphics, create development sites to test concepts and them implement on the live when proven, track user paths and create compelling messaging / graphics. 
  2. Data Analysis: We pride ourselves on tracking progress and making the data understandable.  Furthermore, we read the data and generate meaningful action items that our or your team can enact. Our team collects, manages and reports on data across multiple data sources which will help track and verify ROI.
  3. Budget Allocation: Monetization modeling helps clients decide where to allocate their budget and understand the value of each customer action and thus how it relates back to revenue.
  4. Consumer Insights & Research: Tracking the clicks, views and likes never tells the entire story.  Our team utilizes a host of methods to better identify who the audience is and what they want / need.  These insights must be factored into any analysis so we fully understand where the revenue opportunities are.
  5. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Leveraging different technologies such as HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Wistia, SalesForce etc to bring together data and information from all sources within an organization.  This helps define the client's customers and give's them the resources to focus on providing REAL value by delivering a great experience and build interactions that are data-driven; essential keys to building lasting relationships.

Digital Strategy
Quick Q&A

Today's world is a digital one. People are spending more time online and in this world it's about hits, clicks, likes and visitor duration. Company websites and social media outlets have become the primary face of the organization. Truly, the viewer's first stop for information and the impression you leave and the strategy you enact will determine sales.
Identifying the best digital strategy (or combination of strategies) can be a trying an costly experience. Below is a small and common list: • Content Strategy • PPC (Adwords & Banner Ads) • Search Strategy (SEO & SEM) • Mobile Strategy • Social Strategy
The best strategy for your business highly depends on your existing digital footprint, customers and goals. In most cases, a cross-channel strategy is the best approach. This allows people to experience your brand across many devices and we'll implement these channels to best work together to reach a brand's goal.

Optimization & Targeting

Multivariate testing and targeting with site path and graphic optimization.

Data Analysis

Create measurable differences in the way people use the web and increase actionable and revenue driven campaigns based on those measurements.

Budget Allocation

Financial models built to inform and optimize site creative, media buying and social strategy.

Consumer Insights and Research

Identify the existing audience and build profiles on the demographic to enhance revenue opportunities.

Customer Relationship Management

Integrate or enhance existing systems through out-of-the-box or custom solutions.

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