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Video Production

Omaha Video Production

We aren’t about just creating a good looking website or instantly gratifying attention-grabbing advertising, but rather about creating a brand experience with something deeper to say, building presence to tell your story differently.

Get more customers with 92 West!

92 West is an Advertising Agency which has a wealth of experience in video production; providing video branding and marketing services in the Omaha metro area and beyond! Our videos help you gain more customers because video marketing works. Video accounts for 80% of all internet traffic. As a video branding and marketing agency our main goal is to get your core messages in front of your target audience in captivating, effective videos that will engage and attract clients and customers.

Whether you’re looking to engage and impress a local community or a global audience, we deliver video services that create an emotional impact. From our studio in Omaha, Nebraska, we serve a wide range of clients, including small businesses, large corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies. Our videos help you engage, impress, and get more customers, clients, investors, employees, and donors.

Being located in the Image Art Building, we are connected with some of the best crew employees and actors in the world, outside of the Midwest. The crew and actors, if needed for your production, are the most important part of a video shoot and elevate the video to a much more professional level that viewers notice. This higher quality is what differentiates us from other video production companies.

We are a family-owned company that values great service, diversity, transparency, collaboration, authenticity, strong client relations, honesty, and high-quality video content on-time. 92 West is led by talented producers and directors with over 30 combined years of experience in professional video production and marketing.

Our easy 4 step process

  1. Brief + Contract:
    Fill out our questionnaire brief or click the “Request a Quote” button so that we can get the information we need to create a free quote and proposal for you. If you choose to hire us, we draft a contract for your approval.
  2. Pre-Production:
    We work with you to write the most effective script, audition and select actors/actresses, locate and schedule the process, create storyboards and inventive concepts and prepare for the shoot. 1-4 weeks.
  3. Production:
    We shoot the video(s) with the crew, talent, and client. We will shoot either in a studio or on location. 1-3 days.
  4. Post-Production:
    We edit the video (s) with multiple rounds of client feedback revisions. Music, motion graphics, voice-over, subtitles, closed captioning, titles, animation are added and the final video(s) is delivered. 1-3 weeks.

We can take care of everything

Creative Development

We will create a video marketing strategy that is targeted to your audience's needs. We will develop a concept document that will help you communicate the purpose and meaning to your audience. We will then develop this concept into a storyboard, which will be a blueprint of the entire video. Shot lists are created based on the storyboard, which are the precise technical details for filming. After the film making and editing process is complete, we will create a schedule and then budget and goal-setting process.


Location Scouting, Video Crew, Video Insurance, Filming Permits, Set Design, Costume Design, Equipment Rental, Props, Set Construction, Vendor Procurement


Video Editor, Sound Engineer, Color Correction

Media Planning

Media Planning/Strategy/Buying/Placement for Digital, Social, Television, Web, Mobile, Outdoor

We are a video production company that helps companies discover their true voice and purpose through quality video production.

Video Production
Quick Q&A

92 West is a full service digital marketing and web design agency that specializes in helping brands discover their true voice and sense of purpose; genuinely inspiring audiences. We aren’t about just creating a good looking website or instantly gratifying attention-grabbing advertising, but rather about creating a brand experience with something deeper to say, building presence to tell your story differently.
We make commercials. We make them to sell cars, and to sell cats and dogs and horses and health market products. We make commercials to turn kids into chefs, to help plumbers get more business, and help roofers find new roofs to repair. Our video clients include companies big and small, all designed to be seen anywhere and everywhere you go. Our work is on television, the web (YouTube, Vimeo), mobile devices, tablets and desktops, to turn the whole world into your stage.
Video production and marketing is a complex process that can be daunting for the uninitiated. The good news is that there are simple ways to mitigate risk and ensure a successful production. Let's work together to define your brand, create a single, core message and devise a distribution strategy that will ensure you stand out from the competition.
Video Production Training and Recruiting - Getting the right employees and starting them on the right foot is invaluable to your company. Using Video to explain how your product or service works is vastly superior to printed instructions for three main reasons: training, recruiting, internal videos. Let's go a little deeper into each of these areas.
Using Video to explain how your product or service works is vastly superior to printed instructions for three main reasons: 1. It's easy to find yourself talking too much when writing down directions. The second you put a video together, you instantly adjust the length of the video to whatever is needed, so it doesn't waste anyone's time. 2. When you watch a video, you absorb information visually and through auditory senses. With written instructions, you just read. 3. You can watch a video at your own pace, while reading instructions you’re forced to follow along at the speed of the reader.90% of the population has a visual learning style, which makes videos incredibly effective when it comes to explaining complex products and services.

Online Commercials

We approach every Online Video production with that same sense of urgency, we want our consumers to experience and remember your brand for the right reasons. That's why we approach every project as if it were a "Titanic"-level movie. The difference is that while the average production agency is satisfied with producing something that is just good, we're looking for that shocking element that will make your audience remember you for the right reasons. We do this by producing eye-catching spots that have a well-defined mission. We start by identifying your objectives and goals, then we develop a strategy to achieve them through video.

Content Marketing

With a distribution campaign that includes YouTube, Facebook and more; 92 West offers a wide range of video production services to help your brand connect, be seen and heard. We strive to bring clarity, professionalism and creativity to our services.

Promotional / Product Video

Have an event, product or service that needs massive exposure? We’ll make them laugh. We’ll make them think. We’ll help you promote and get closer to that desired result no matter how tall. Whatever your story is, we want to tell it for you.

Testimonial Video

Testimonials and reviews are an essential part of our consumer-driven lives. Online shopping is as much a part of our culture as pizza delivery and streaming Netflix. We all want to know what other people think before committing to a purchase.

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