Waterheater Man

When a Cold Shower is Just Not an Option

Waterheater Man was looking to create a niche business here on Omaha, Nebraska and only service water heaters within the city and surrounding suburbs.  After consulting with the owner we began sketching a variety of characters and eventually created the brand you see above.  The character is fun, strong, inviting and professional.  Also, we separated out the symbol to be used for employee uniforms and it serves as a fun reminder that sometimes you need a superhero to be there when an emergency strikes.  

The branding was then used for their business cards, invoices and vehicle wrap!  Look for their brand in a neighborhood near you.

Water Heater Repair

Waterheater Man offers over 20 years of experience in the plumbing and mechanical service industry. Your professional Water Heater Man has the "in the field" experience that is combined with our continued pursuit of education in the areas of product development and installation procedures.


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