UAS Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design / Web Development

Unified Ag Solutions (UAS) was in need of a fresh look and a conversion of the existing website's content from static to responsive.  We love our agriculture clients and wanted to create a unique and visually stunning website while keeping their core brand standards in mind.  

To do this we itemized the client goals for the website in order of importance and then we looked at what technologies we could use to create a stunning agriculture site while staying within the budget.

  1. Budget & Delivery Schedule
  2. Responsive Website Conversion
  3. Update / Restructure Content
  4. Utilize HTML5 Video 
  5. Add Semantic SEO Styles
  6. Protect Forms from Spam

During the creation process we identified various layout options and incorporated them into programming techniques that we had used previously to give the client a superior site to that of their competition while keeping within the budget.  Also, with the content / restructure update we reprogrammed various page elements to automatically resize photos and automate the content management system process; thus making the site easier to maintain.

HTML5 Video: 

Self-hosted video has come a long way and we integrated the "ChannelImages" field type and "Grid" field type to post directly to the JS version of "Slider Revolution".  


During the programming phase we incorporated SEO Lite and standard SEO Semantic code to help their on-site content perform better with the search engines.  

Form Spam:

We're big fans of DevDemon's Form module and we paired it with Snaptcha to project the site's various forms from "robot spam".  Everyone wants leads... not spam... which is exactly what these two elements together produce.

The project was launched in early August and has received great reviews and a natural search engine page rank bump from the minor code updates we did while building the project.  

Unified Ag Solutions Responsive Web Design

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Unified Ag Solutions was built with you and your business in mind. We live by the saying, “Treat people the way you would like to be treated.” Our team will always work in the best interest of our customers and never offer them anything that we personally would not put on our farm.

We would like our customers to see us as a trusted partner that can provide them with all of the answers they need for their seed treating operation. From equipment, to set up, to purchasing the right seed treatment for their area, UAS is always there for their customers.


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