Midwest Laboratories, Inc.

Creating a Remarkable Trade Show Presence

In an effort to effectively communicate their offerings and expertise to a wider audience at trade shows, Midwest Laboratories partnered with 92 West, a strategic branding and digital marketing agency. 92 West took direction from Midwest Laboratories to create a robust suite of trade show materials that effectively encapsulate the essence of their extensive service portfolio and their longstanding commitment to quality and innovation.

Working closely with the Midwest Laboratories team, 92 West took on the task of designing trade show booths that were not only visually impressive but also functionally designed to facilitate easy and meaningful interactions with prospective clients. They created large booths that served as a visual representation of the company's core values and competencies, inviting visitors to learn more about Midwest Laboratories' offerings.

In addition to the booths, 92 West also designed retractable displays that were versatile and portable, providing an ideal solution for presenting important information in a compelling manner. Table covers designed by 92 West added to the visual appeal, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic throughout the booth and aiding in branding consistency.

Through this project, Midwest Laboratories and 92 West were able to create a powerful trade show presence that showcased the breadth and depth of Midwest Laboratories' services. With these comprehensive and visually striking materials, Midwest Laboratories continues its mission of being a trusted name in the industry, delivering science like no one else in the world, through innovation, teamwork, and dynamic service.

Client Details:

Midwest Laboratories, Inc., a leading name in diverse testing services since 1975, is more than just a lab. With a mission to drive a positive impact on their employees, clients, and communities, Midwest Laboratories operates a sprawling 14-building campus in Omaha, NE. With roots stemming from the visionary entrepreneurship of Kennard Pohlman, Midwest Laboratories has grown significantly under the guidance of the second-generation owner and CEO, Brent Pohlman.

Operating as an ISO 17025 and NELAP accredited lab, the company offers an impressive array of analysis services. From soil and plant testing to food and beverage analysis, and from environmental sampling to pet food, animal feed, and fuel testing, Midwest Laboratories has remained at the forefront of driving smart decisions across diverse industries. The lab's vision is to offer reliable and defensible third-party testing services that influence the Agriculture, Nutrient Management, Pet Food, Animal Feed, Environmental, Food and Beverage, and Fuel Industries.

Midwest Laboratories opened its doors for business on May 15th, 1975 and grew under the direction of Kennard Pohlman, founder of Midwest Labs, and his partners. Second-generation owner and CEO, Brent Pohlman, operates Midwest Laboratories today.

The lab currently provides analysis for soil, plants, pet food, animal feed, food and beverage, alcohol, compost, fertilizer, fuel and environmental samples. Driving smart decisions has been our passion since 1975, and we aim to continue to do this by recruiting talented individuals.


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