IBEW Local 22 Mobile Application Development + CMS Integration

iOS / Andriod Application Integrated into ExpressionEngine

IBEW Local 22 was looking for a solution to deliver content to their members nationally while also providing a utility application that would allow members to bid on jobs and check their benefits.  92 West integrated a solution that eliminated the manual paper tracking system that had been in use for more than a decade and also integrated a content management system which controls not only the mobile application, but the http://www.ibew22.com, http://ibew22jobcalls, http://www.22benefits.com and http://www.ojeatc.com websites.  

Job Calls / Bidding System Application Development

92 West and the governing board of IBEW Local 22 documented the existing system and created a work flow which allowed the system to be taken over programmatically; freeing existing staff to assist members rather than attending to the daily paper-work shuffle. The application requires an individual to register and then they are vetted to ensure that they meet the requirements.  Once completed the members are free to bid on job calls or short calls based on their skill sets.  Furthermore, the mobile application notifies members if they have been selected (or not) by e-mail and text notification.  Members can also login and check their status as well as their bidding history.  

All of this content and programming is managed through the ExpressionEngine content management system with Multi-manager so they can control the additional websites.

Benefits Integration

Streamlining a "single sign-on" process with multiple carriers is no simple task.  However, we were able to identify common attributes and work with providers (as well as their legal staff) to provide a seamless way for users to store their information (encrypted) and easily login to the various providers for insurance and retirement information.

IBEW Local 22 IBEW Bid System IBEW Benefits OJEATC

Local 22 is one of 2,376 local electrical unions across the United States. We’ve been Omaha's Electrical Construction Union since 1892. The local union is designed to provide assistance and a voice for the local electrical worker in all matters and issues that affect their lives. Matters like finding work, providing answers on health and financial benefits, or gaining access to new or additional training. And while it’s true that each local union receives support from their International Office in the form of guidance, advice, technical and legal help, Local 22 exists independently and governs our own organization.


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