Footprints Asset Management and Research Branding

Discover Value Fund

FAMR was looking to enhance their brand while launching their first mutual fund. Our goal was to create an identity that not only engaged their clients, but also inspired them to look deeper into the core values of the company.  

To create the brand we worked with their management team and compliance officers to ensure that the Footprints Fund logo met all the criteria for both our goals and the regulatory bodies. This in tandem with our research into their investment philosophy helped us achieve project success!

The end result was an integration of the parent companies branding with the concept that the "footprints" are what FAMR investigates to ensure absolute value of their investments.The client was elated with the new brand and it has been well received with their clients as well!


Wealth creation begins with a sound investment philosophy that is adhered to through all market conditions. At FAMR, they consistently practice the Absolute Value Investment Philosophy.

As Absolute Value investors, they seek opportunities that minimize price risk and, based on a company's absolute value, display a high potential to create wealth over the long term.


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