Bottles and Brews

Digital Marketing Campaign

92 West was happy to put this promotional video campaign together for Omaha Bottles and Brews' grand opening on October 22nd! 

Our video production consisted of three people on location. We gathered content within a half day to produce the messaging, graphics, and video promos used on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

The campaign and Grand Opening were a huge success, and we were happy to be a part of it!

Overall Video Campaign Winner

Alternate Video

Digital Marketing Results:

The A/B testing campaign was our basis for the data driven creative decisions and that reflected on the positive results and engagement. 

Facebook & Instagram:

Impressions: 80,689
Engagement: 17,256 (Various Forms)
(Includes all ads / boosts on the ad account for the 14 day during)


Overall the Ad had 34,532 impressions, 7,270 views, the view rate was 21.05%

The average cost per 1,000 impressions was $13.02 and the average click costing $11.82.

The average view time was 13.4 seconds per view. And the watch time was 463,681 seconds (7,728 minutes / 128.8 hours of view time)

A great beer can come from many places. At Bottles and Brews, we believe that great beer comes from the locals. Here in Nebraska, there are many locals to choose from. Whether it’s from Atkinson, Lincoln or one of the many breweries right here in Omaha, we offer convenience, quality and selection all at your finger tips. We even grab a few locals from our friends to the east.


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