Leaders Look Within

3D Animation and Character Development

A meticulously crafted 3D animation project for Brent Pohlman, the CEO of Midwest Laboratories. With a three-week turnaround, our team embarked on a journey of character and scene modeling, resulting in a nine-scene visual masterpiece.

Our animation project revolved around the powerful premise of Brent's inspiring new book, " Leaders Look Within: Own Your Heart to Live a Life of Gratitude." Packed with invaluable insights and personal experiences, Brent's book serves as a catalyst for self-exploration and intentional living. His story emphasizes introspection, gratitude, and personal development, all told from the vantage point of his leadership position at Midwest Laboratories.

To effectively convey the essence of " Leaders Look Within: Own Your Heart to Live a Life of Gratitude," our team delved into the book's pages, empathizing with Brent's journey to offer an authentic animation representation. We presented Brent's story in a captivating sequence, incorporating elements of his everyday life, his professional milieu at Midwest Laboratories, and symbolic references to the introspective themes of his book.

Throughout the animation, we've represented Brent in his various states: contemplating in his office, engaging in his morning runs, expressing joy in the lab, and experiencing tranquil moments in nature. We were able to weave in key messages such as retrospection, forgiveness, remembrance, and perseverance using visual metaphors, symbolic objects, and relevant transitions.

Our journey culminates with Brent immersed in writing his book, capturing the essence of "Look Within" on his computer screen as the dawn's light illuminates his focused and fulfilled demeanor. The animation beautifully frames Brent's story while aiding in the launch of his transformative book.

This project stands as a testament to our team's ability to grasp the intricacies of a client's vision and translate it into engaging visual narratives. We invite you to explore the animation, which truly embodies Brent Pohlman's journey and the core message of " Leaders Look Within: Own Your Heart to Live a Life of Gratitude." Enjoy the experience!

3D Animation Scene Breakdown

  1. Scene 1: Brent Pohlman, in his office at Midwest Laboratories, is seen sitting in front of his computer. He looks out the window, deep in thought, with the computer screen displaying a document titled "My Book".
  2. Scene 2: Transition to Brent in his morning routine, running through a park. As he runs, thought bubbles appear above his head or runs by objects of inspiration (the compass for instance), representing the different facets of his book.
  3. Scene 3: Transition back to the present, Brent is at his computer, typing out the first lines of his book.
  4. Scene 4: Transition to Brent in the Lab Learning and Showing Excitement. (Emote)
  5. Scene 5: Back to the present, Brent is seen in a field, notebook in hand, jotting down thoughts and ideas for his book amidst the serenity of nature.
  6. Scene 6: Transition back to Brent at his computer, typing diligently. As he types, the words "LOOK WITHIN" appear on the screen, symbolizing the book's central theme.
  7. Scene 7: Transition to back to Brent in his morning routine. Go through a cycle of days - different colored sweatshirt and sky / lighting each sequence.
  8. Scene 8: Brent pauses to look at a family photo on his desk, symbolizing his journey of reflection and gratitude.
  9. Scene 9: The animation ends with Brent looking determined and fulfilled, continuing to type on his computer, with the dawn light streaming through the window, illuminating the room and we scale back to show the book cover.
Leaders Look Within: Own Your Heart to Live a Life of Gratitude YouTube Video - 3D Animation

Midwest Laboratories opened its doors for business on May 15th, 1975 and grew under the direction of Kennard Pohlman, founder of Midwest Labs, and his partners. Second-generation owner and CEO, Brent Pohlman, operates Midwest Laboratories today.

The lab currently provides analysis for soil, plants, pet food, animal feed, food and beverage, alcohol, compost, fertilizer, fuel and environmental samples. Driving smart decisions has been our passion since 1975, and we aim to continue to do this by recruiting talented individuals.


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