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Unified Ag Solutions Responsive Web Design Conversion

By Troy Kadavy | Sep 10, 2015
[ Search Engine Optimization ] [ Digital Marketing ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ Web Design ]

Unified Ag Solutions (UAS) was in need of a fresh look and a conversion of the existing website's content from static to responsive.  We love our agriculture clients and wanted to create a unique and visually stunning website while keeping their...

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Web Design with ExpressionEngine

By Troy Kadavy | Jul 29, 2015
[ Website Design / Development ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

92 West develops web sites in a number of content management systems (WordPress, Craft, Magento, Concrete5, SohoLaunch and ExpressionEngine) and our favorite for any custom site development is ExpressionEngine from ElisLabs.   Now we realize...

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SSL SEO Benefits and HTACCESS Help

By Troy Kadavy | Jun 1, 2015
[ Search Engine Optimization ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ E-Commerce ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

Whether you have an online store or just want to increase consumer confidence, incorporating an SSL certificate is a task worth undertaking.  Also, aside from the obvious security benefits, including an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on your site has...

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Mobilegeddon Released - Is Your Site Ready?

By Jamie Kadavy | Apr 21, 2015
[ Search Engine Optimization ] [ Branding & Strategy ] [ Digital Strategy ] [ Digital Marketing ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

If you have been listening to the drum beat that is Google's war machine on non-responsive sites you're aware that this month is the launch of Mobilegeddon; an algorithm targeting 1 in 4 sites online.So, what is this "Mobilegeddon" you ask? It's an...

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Omaha Web Design: A Look at Our Recent Omaha Metro Projects

By Jamie Kadavy | Mar 22, 2015
[ Website Design / Development ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

92 West has 100's of sites developed in the last few years and we wanted to take the time to highlight some of our recent works that call their home Omaha!  Each project comes from a different industry and business size; ranging from the start-up...

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92 West Launches Our New ExpressionEngine Site!

By Troy Kadavy | Jan 2, 2015
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Brand Strategy ] [ Digital Marketing ] [ Search Engine Marketing ] [ Graphic Design ] [ Website Design / Development ]

As a growing agency, with service offerings that not only target new start-ups, but also mid-sized companies, 92 West needed a site that clearly conveyed our full capabilities, relevant case studies and work examples. Our new site also needed to do...

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Cutting Edge Business Cards

By Troy Kadavy | Jul 3, 2014
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Graphic Design ] [ Logo Design ] [ Print Services ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ E-Commerce ]

92 West is happy to announce the launch of Cutting Edge Business Cards! As we have grown as an advertising agency we realized that their was an under served niche market; high impact and professional looking business cards. Thus CEBC was born!We...

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Skutt Catholic

By Troy Kadavy | Jun 25, 2014
[ Graphic Design ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

92 West was contacted by Skutt Catholic High School in November of 2013 and was looking for an update to their existing website with responsive design / development in mind.  We set out to create a fundamentally simple way to incorporate all their...

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The Education and Research Foundation

By Troy Kadavy | Dec 30, 2013
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Brand Strategy ] [ Graphic Design ] [ Logo Design ] [ Website Design / Development ]

The Education and Research Foundation (ERF) has donated almost $6 million for education and research exclusively in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging and 92 West has given them a new platform and brand to spread the word.The new website is an...

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Edge Magazine

By Troy Kadavy | Oct 29, 2013

Edge Magazine, a modern and unique, community based magazine, approached 92 West with a challenge to make an online edition that was completely different from anything in the region and make the new site compliment their print version; delivered...

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