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Google My Business Posting Best Practices

By Jamie Kadavy | Aug 5, 2019
[ Search Engine Optimization ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ Web Design ]

According to research, there is a strong relationship between the number of photos on Google My Business listing and search performance. This is what we learned about the impact of GMB images on user behavior after conducting an in-depth analysis...

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Modern Website Design Elements and Trends

By Troy Kadavy | Aug 15, 2018
[ Website Design / Development ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

Modern trends for Website DesignThis year we've seen a number of trends come into play and we've taken a moment to look at some of the more impactful elements that can assist you and your team with your web design / development projects.Semi-Flat...

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Web Design: Our Process to Building Successful Websites

By Troy Kadavy | Jul 18, 2016
[ Search Engine Optimization ] [ Graphic Design ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ Hosting ] [ Content Creation ] [ Content Maintenance ] [ E-Commerce ] [ User Experience ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

Define Your Website's Purpose from the Word Go!Website design and development, when you look at it from a whole, can be overwhelming; it doesn't matter if it's your first site or if your redeveloping your 5th. At 92 West, we start with...

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Lift Solutions, Inc. Launches New Website!

By Troy Kadavy | May 20, 2016
[ Search Engine Optimization ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

92 West was approached by Lift Solutions, Inc. to replace their existing website which was under performing with their organic search results and, as they were leveraging the Machinery Trader's platform, also meant that they could not update their...

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Web Design & CMS Selection: WP vs. EE

By Troy Kadavy | Nov 3, 2015
[ Search Engine Optimization ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ Content Creation ] [ Content Maintenance ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

WordPress vs ExpressionEngine - Which is Better For Your Web Project?With the numerous content management systems (CMSs) available for selection today, the field is wide open and it's easy to have a problem determining which solution is best for...

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Web Design Essentials for Online Success and Lead Generation

By Troy Kadavy | Oct 27, 2015
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Digital Strategy ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

It’s a no-brainer that a website is one of the most important parts of any business in this digital age. For this reason, it is imperative that you give your site the attention it deserves if you’re to leverage it for your business success. So,...

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Unified Ag Solutions Responsive Web Design Conversion

By Troy Kadavy | Sep 10, 2015
[ Search Engine Optimization ] [ Digital Marketing ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ Web Design ]

Unified Ag Solutions (UAS) was in need of a fresh look and a conversion of the existing website's content from static to responsive.  We love our agriculture clients and wanted to create a unique and visually stunning website while keeping their...

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Web Design with ExpressionEngine

By Troy Kadavy | Jul 29, 2015
[ Website Design / Development ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

92 West develops web sites in a number of content management systems (WordPress, Craft, Magento, Concrete5, SohoLaunch and ExpressionEngine) and our favorite for any custom site development is ExpressionEngine from ElisLabs.   Now we realize...

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SSL SEO Benefits and HTACCESS Help

By Troy Kadavy | Jun 1, 2015
[ Search Engine Optimization ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ E-Commerce ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

Whether you have an online store or just want to increase consumer confidence, incorporating an SSL certificate is a task worth undertaking.  Also, aside from the obvious security benefits, including an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on your site has...

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Effective Marketing Solutions

By Troy Kadavy | Apr 28, 2015

Here's a little ditty we put together to illustrate the need for effective marketing in today's ever shifting marketing place; both traditionally and digitally. If you are looking for a local provider with Midwest...

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