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Branding is the Convergence of Language and Intent

By Troy Kadavy | Apr 4, 2017
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Brand Strategy ]

At 92 West one of our core focuses is on the convergence of language and brand. If you are looking for a proven partner to help guide you through the waters of branding your firm then we would be happy to talk on your goals and what problems you...

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The Secret to Unlocking a Brand’s Personality

By Troy Kadavy | Mar 17, 2017
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Brand Strategy ]

Brand Personality: Identify Your Brand & Create a Strategy to Empower Your Brand One of the most effective ways to create a strong identity, whether as a personal brand, a start-up, or a well-established business, is through having a...

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The Art And Science of Brand Storytelling

By Troy Kadavy | May 5, 2016
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Brand Strategy ] [ Graphic Design ]

Overview of Brand Storytelling + The Why & How To Use It In MarketingWould you believe it if I told you that this first sentence you’re reading right now is the most important of all in this post? On every article it's that first sentence, that...

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92 West: An Omaha, Nebraska Based Advertising, Marketing and Web Design Agency

By Troy Kadavy | Nov 17, 2015
[ Mobile Application Development ] [ Search Engine Optimization ] [ Branding & Strategy ] [ Digital Marketing ] [ Graphic Design ] [ Logo Design ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ E-Commerce ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

We are a branding, digital marketing and web design agency focused on helping brands discover their true voice.A Team of Advertising, Marketing and Design Professionals 92 West is a close team of creative professionals based out of Omaha,...

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Logo Design General Questionnaire

By Jamie Kadavy | Nov 10, 2015
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Graphic Design ] [ Logo Design ]

At 92 West, when we take on a new client (or even an existing one), we have a general questionnaire that we walk each client through to help us acquire the essential information to get our team on the right track.  The questions below help us craft...

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Marketing Trends for 2016

By Troy Kadavy | Nov 9, 2015
[ Search Engine Optimization ] [ Branding & Strategy ] [ Digital Strategy ] [ Digital Marketing ] [ Multi-Media Marketing ] [ Online Reputation Management ] [ Paid Search Advertisement ] [ Search Engine Marketing ] [ Social Media Marketing ]

Changes in Technology and attitudes are without doubt two of the key factors that shape marketing. The impact of the rapidly changing technology is particularly more intense in digital marketing, which makes it more difficult for a majority of...

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Your Brand.  It’s Larger than Your Logo.

By Troy Kadavy | Oct 20, 2015
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Brand Strategy ] [ Graphic Design ] [ Logo Design ]

When you have been working in the ad industry for as many years as I have you view branding in a different light than those who are just beginning. I used to think that branding was merely a logo… perhaps a catchy slogan tied together neatly with a...

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​3 Important Lessons On How To Integrate Content Strategy And User Experience

By Troy Kadavy | Oct 10, 2015
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Digital Strategy ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ Content Maintenance ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

Technological advancements and research point to the fact that it is increasingly important to develop new ways to integrate Content Strategy and User Experience into web design. Till recent times, it was just a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle and it was...

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Google AdWords and How it’s the Right Choice for Your Online Marketing Needs

By Jamie Kadavy | Sep 24, 2015
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Digital Strategy ] [ Digital Marketing ] [ Multi-Media Marketing ] [ Paid Search Advertisement ]

When entering into advertising on Google’s search and their network of affiliates it’s important to ask: “Does Google AdWords Work?”. In short, YES! The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising system gives you the opportunity to showcase your...

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Effective Marketing Solutions

By Troy Kadavy | Apr 28, 2015

Here's a little ditty we put together to illustrate the need for effective marketing in today's ever shifting marketing place; both traditionally and digitally. If you are looking for a local provider with Midwest...

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