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By | Jan 5, 2023

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92 West is the agency of choice for WordPress-based web design. 

At 92 West we use a milestone approach to our web development process, which allows us to create beautiful designs, that capture your brand's unique personality and goals while identifying critical components needed for the business to function.

Our process, customized as needed for each client, typically contains four to five milestones.


  1. Goal Identification — During this task, we will have an in-depth discussion with the client to identify their needs and goals for the website.
  2. Scope Definition — Once the client's goals are identified, our team works on integrating the best possible solutions to meet those goals. Our team's experience with WordPress + WooCommerce across multiple industries has given us an unparalleled working knowledge of the software, plugins, security, integration methods, and custom development needed to achieve those goals.
  3. Proposal — A flat rate proposal is given to all our new clients. The outline which follows is a typical one but can be expanded to meet the needs of a more complex engagement.


  1. Site-Map — After the proposal is signed and a deposit is made, our project begins with the site map. This page structure breaks down a website's content needs and informs our design and development staff which components are needed.
  2. Sandbox Environment — We build a testing/development WordPress site for our team to work on and for the client to review and test as each milestone requires. The sandbox environment allows our team to work on integrations while not interfering with an existing live site.


  1. Branding — We coordinate the brand standards needed for the site and then deploy the graphics, colors, fonts, and standard treatments to our layouts
  2. Concepts — We identify the site's functions and build a layout to match those functions. Typical sites have a home page, informational design (s) for short and long-format content, galleries, a blog, video/media integration, forms, landing page(s), e-commerce, and membership sections.
  3. Layout Creation — Layouts are then designed and developed based on the approved web design(s) and then tested to ensure they function correctly.


  1. Informational Content — The text, photography, and any graphics designed for the site are integrated into the website based on the approved site map. We keep the content organized with a folder structure that emulates the site map. The folder structure is made available to the client and our team so we can upload and they can upload information. Essentially, if the text file and associated graphics are there, then we know that the client and ready for integration approve the content.
  2. E-Commerce Content — Mapping out the products, product variables, shipping, payment gateway, taxes, fraud prevention, terms, coupons, discounts, roles, memberships, checkout process, Etc., is where we shine. If you require an existing system or want a better way to manage your products, Facebook integration, Google Merchant, Amazon Seller Accounts, Etc... we have you covered.


  1. Training — Once the site is approved, we move on to training. We offer in-person one-on-one training or through Zoom if desired by the client or some of the client's team.
  2. Video Tutorials — We follow up our training sessions with sectioned / independent videos showing how to use each part of the site. This way, you have a resource (even at 2 AM) that you can use to modify your site if you want. Indeed, we're happy to help with ongoing support post-launch.
  3. Launch — We move the site into production or transfer it to the client's hosting environment. Launching the new website is typically done between 10 PM and 2 AM to ensure that we don't interfere with traditional web traffic. Should any issue arise, we have time to resolve it before the start of the next business day.


All sites need maintenance from time to time, and we're happy to assist as wanted.

If you need a new site, site edits, or even a rescue, call (402) 620-2633 today. We understand what it takes for businesses of all sizes and budgets to succeed online and make sure every project is completed with care and attention from start to finish.

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