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By | Aug 13, 2022

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There are many decisions to make when creating videos for your small business. You'll have to decide what type of video you're making (for example, corporate video, explainer video, promotional video, or other), length, location, music, graphics and text, and more!

You've probably already guessed that all of these factors impact the price of your video. You want the best bang for your buck, but your funds are limited; we get it. Let's take a look at some of the significant factors that affect the cost of your video:

Type of Video

The type of video you want will significantly impact the final cost. For example, a corporate video will be more expensive than a simple explainer video because it requires more production value. The same is true for promotional videos – they tend to be more costly than other types of videos because they need to be high-quality to make an impact.


The length of your video is another factor that will affect the cost. Generally speaking, the longer the video, the more expensive it will be. This is because more time and resources are required to produce a longer video.


The location of your video shoot will also affect the cost. This will add to the overall price if you need to rent a studio or other special equipment. Additionally, if your video needs to be shot in multiple locations, this will also increase the cost.

Music and Graphics

Another factor that can affect the cost of your video is the use of music and graphics. This will add to the final cost if you need to license any music tracks for your video. Similarly, if you require special effects or graphics, this will also increase the price.

Equipment and Crew

There is a wide range of equipment available to shoot videos. The equipment needed/used will reflect cost, from essential smartphones to professional and cinema. Equipment needs, crew, and time for shooting day(s) will require planning, insurance, and experienced staff to ensure the in-camera and audio are at their best for your project's finished requirements. (If they say they'll fix it in the post, it's probably not a good sign and will cost more.)


Hiring a professional is the best way to get the perfect performance from your on-camera talent. It may seem like an expense, but many benefits make up for it in terms of quality and efficiency! If that's not an option, be sure to have a teleprompter with an approved script incorporated so your people or voice-over talent can provide their bests takes.


The post-production process is often overlooked when it comes to videos. The on-camera talent and production companies are excellent. Still, without the proper care in editing your footage, you may end up with a poorly made video that doesn't meet expectations or exceed them altogether!
The key for any good project starts before we even start shooting by ensuring all our ducks are in order: scripts must be approved by both parties involved (actors/models); rights obtained, including music licenses if needed; equipment purchased such as microphones, etc.; date set aside during which time each task will take place – this gives everyone enough warning so they can plan accordingly."

What Does It Cost, Though?

Like most things... it depends.

A 2 to 3 minutes professionally produced corporate video typically costs anywhere from $2,000 - $7,000. While a "talking head" style video recorded with a teleprompter could be as little as $400 - $1,200. The average cost of commercial video production is usually around 1,000 thousand dollars per finished minute, and it's an excellent starting point when planning your project expenses - but be transparent about budgets so the video production agency can give you one, too!

The best way to get an accurate estimate is to consult with a video production company; ideally, three. Each will provide an overview of what the shoot will entail, and don't be afraid to tell them your budget. It will give them a scope to work with and provide answers for items that can be included or might be out of the scope of your project.

We've Done it for Brands Big and Small

92 West's strategically creative process towards video production listens to your needs, dives into the end objectives, and deploys the right solution. We have an experienced team of producers, directors, and editors for any type or style you need!

Our content marketing services can help brands tell their story by elevating communication on social media, YouTube, commercial distribution, and even live streams where viewers feel connected even when there isn't face-to-face interaction happening. We have proven solutions and experience to help your goals.

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