Training Videos for American Games, Incorporated

By | Jan 26, 2016

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92 West was asked to assist in the video production of online training videos for American Games, Incorporated.  The process of video production is quite simple; script, needed equipment, location and editing.  

We're happy that we were able to take the overview presented and collaborate with their staff to create these informative videos for their clients.

PTVM Training Videos

Part 1 of 3: Initial machine set-up.  Unpacking and machine set-up (machine placement and mounting machine to cabinet).

  •  Tools Needed for Set-up:  Razor Knife to remove wrapping, #2 Phillips screw driver, T-25 torx driver and 3/8” nut driver or box wrench


Part 2 of 3: Machine Basics.  Overview, loading tickets, programming ticket sizes and price points.  Removing money from bill acceptor and generating reports.


Part 3 of 3: Basic maintenance to include cleaning BV and bins / Printer.

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