Tips on Developing a Digital Marketing / Media Strategy for 2017

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By | Mar 6, 2017

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Digital Marketing Essentials for Developing an Effective Media Strategy

Statistics show that more people are watching online videos on YouTube and other related media platforms with the trend expected to grow even more throughout 2017. Thankfully, technology is making this even easier to implement through the use of standard professional software, but also through basic applications you can leverage on your smartphone or tablet. For this post, I've listed several effective ways in which you can utilize these opportunities and promote visibility for your brand or clients; which will promote growth!

Focus on Mobile

Despite featuring small screens, mobile gadgets can help to create deep and personal connections between brands and their intended audience. Frankly, research has shown that ads running on a smartphone / tablet can play quite a significant role in growing audience reach. In one of resent client campaigns, we found out that over 40 percent of its campaign’s reach came from audiences using mobile; and with specifying the audience's prior purchase history we were able to maximize sales.

So, mobile ads can provide overwhelming results and should prominently feature in your media plan. 

Geofencing. Demographics. Online Purchasing Habits... it's all there for you to take advantage of while you are planning your next campaign.

Please note that if your campaign doesn't have a sound strategy for acquiring the lead / sale once they've been lead to the final landing page, your results (and sales) will reflect this failure... which brings us to optimizing your content.

Optimize Your Content for Your Audience's Needs

One of the main strengths of 92 West lies in our ability to assist you pinpoint the audience that has shown the most interest in your brand.

For example, we found out that viewers are twenty-three times more likely to visit a brand channel, watch more of the brand, share videos of the brand, or subscribe to its channel if they completed a minimum of two ads; maximizing exposure and allowing for us to develop a control peice.

Popularity of content and engagement levels should, however, be considered by advertisers seeking to reach audiences interested in specific genres of content. Studies show that there’s a higher possibility for brand lift for adverts running more engaging content.

Brands can easily access YouTube’s most popular channels and their ardent fans since the channels are aggregated into lineups by Google Preferred, which also provides your digital marketing campaigns with additional reach. To optimize results on YouTube, Google Preferred, Facebook and Instagram should be used along each other.

Incorporate Affinity Targeting in Demographic Targeting 

An effective media plan should be able to help you connect with the right audience. And while targeting a specific demography is very important, factoring in affinity segments enables you to target people who are even more engaging and qualified, based on their interests, needs, and habits.

Affinity audiences can grant you a massive reach and increase your brand awareness on mobile. When used together, the combination of both affinity targeting and demographic targeting has been proven to have profound reach as shown in the findings below: 

- Higher levels of brand awareness

Adverts that utilized both demographic and affinity targeting better reached audiences that had prior awareness of the brand.

- More view-through rates

This is the number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads, divided by the number of impressions. The audience reached was more inclined to watch the ad rather than skip it.

- A 5% growth in relative lift in Ad recall

This was when it was compared to when the ads incorporated only demographic targeting alone.

With a least 80 unique affinity audiences on YouTube, consider combining affinity targeting with your demographic specifications to maximize the impact of your campaigns. 

Combine YouTube and TV

Powerful video ads are only as effective as the strategy used for their distribution. As such, it’s important to spread out your video ads across the platforms to reach as many people as possible and optimize the impact of your campaigns.

Research has revealed that video campaigns that incorporate YouTube and TV ads achieve much higher results. For example, it was found that that skippable ad formats were more effective in promoting brand awareness and ad recall from one paid view on YouTube and a single appearance on TV than when featured twice on TV.

The same research found out that advertising on both YouTube and TV can help increase your brand reach to people aged between 18 and 49 by at least 56%. This, therefore, explains why YouTube and TV are such a powerful combination that be incorporated in any marketing campaigns for maximum results.

It is our hope that the above pointers will help make it easy for you to devise an effective media strategy for 2017. As usual, if you need any assistance on digital marketing for your business, be sure to check with us here at 92 West and we’ll be quick to guide you. Contact us today at 402.620.2633!

Some Video Editing / Creation Tools!

There are litterally hundreds / thousands of apps that can do video editing.... so I've only listed a few that we've leveraged on the fly here.  They are quick, easy and cost under $10.00 each.

VidLab: Cool app that allows you to generate a slideshow or a video and has some nice in-app purchases available.
Adobe Spark Post: Easy to make animated gifs and marketing materials for any platform.
Abobe Spark Video: A great story telling app with a built in recorder to assist you promote any product / service.

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