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By | Nov 4, 2019

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Refreshing your brand is one of the most important things you should do often. While at it, you need to remember that it takes more than just graphic design. Branding lets you define, maintain and convey the values of your company. It is the process that lets you show your customers what your company does, why they should care about you, and at the same time maintain a level of consistency that differentiates you from your competitors.

This means that you need to come up with the right strategies before you start a brand update process. Some of the factors you should include in your brand include:


Most people underrate the role that research plays in brand refreshing. Start by talking to your senior management to find out what your brand is about as well as what sets you apart from your competitors. However, keep in mind that they may not be as honest because they are your employees. Their answers will, therefore, differ from the answers most likely to be given by your customers and other employees. Make sure you include third parties in the research process.

Use interviews and questionnaires to collect the necessary data to find out what your potential clients and customers think of you. This will help you determine the level of authenticity and credibility your brand has. If the answers given by the third parties are consistent with what your employees say and what you believe are your core values then you'll know you're on the right track. The research will also help you discover the perception of the market about your brand and understand the differences between the internal and external perspectives.

Competitive Analysis

The best way to stand out from your competitors is to know what they are doing and this can only be done through analysis. The analysis will help you delve into details instead of just the shallow factors and as such, put in a high level of competition. Some of the factors you'll find out through competitive analysis include content marketing and thought leadership, value proposition, colors, fonts, styles and logos, website and online presence as well as key messages and tag lines

Key Messages and Positioning

After completing the analysis and have managed to identify the differentiating factors, you'll have to create key messages that pinpoint the unique aspects of your brand. The messages have to be well crafted to show the position of your brand in the market. Make sure the messages resonate with your clients on different levels and that they cover all the important details about your brand. Things like what you do, why you do it, how it helps your customers and what makes you different shouldn't miss. Try to connect with your customers emotionally through the messages to capture them wholly.

Updating Your Logo and Visual Identity

Looking different is just as important as sounding distinctive. The visual aspect of your brand should match the messaging aspect. Make sure your logo, color palette, font, style, texture, and images match to form a perfect blend. The logo rebrand doesn't have to be a new concept, it has to be aligned with your needs. Focus on giving your current logo a "face-lift". Change how it looks, how it feels and give it a fresh message. With a little creativity, you'll be able to change part of the logo and still manage to make it look brand new.

Having the Right Standards

Once you've managed to synchronize your visual identity and other aspects of your brand, you should focus on setting standards for how the logo and those other aspects will be used. Create specific guidelines regarding the usage of the logo, including how it will be positioned, colors and margins that are to be used, and the size. Include guidelines on possible variations, whether horizontal or vertical or black or white, naming sure they depend on the usage and placement of logos. The standards will help you maintain consistency regarding the use of the logo within the company. It will also make it easy for your current and potential customers to recognize you. Make sure the guidelines are enforced strictly.


Conduct a communications audit to determine whether the changes are being implemented consistently. Create an inventory of how the company communicates with your customers whether it's through emails, phone calls or proposals or your website. Find out how your logo is being used as well. This will allow you to find out your weak points and allow you to come up with changes that are more effective and therefore better. Come up with modifications that allow you to reach out to your customers faster to keep them engaged.


The final step is implementing all the steps above and rolling out the refreshed brand. This is the most important step and can determine whether the updated brand becomes successful or fails. If not done correctly, it could lead to massive failure which will mean that everything you have done to that point will go to waste. All the time, energy and resources you will have used will not make sense unless you build the right momentum with the launch of the brand. Make sure you generate excitement from the customers as well as your employees.

Come up with ideas that will make the roll-out unique but captivating and try to make it the same as the amount of re-branding that has been done. For instance, if you've made a lot of changes that almost makes the brand look completely new, you should try a launch that is just as big. Consider having the launch in different phases to create more impact. However, if the changes are minimal and the brand looks almost the same, you can have a simple launch. It depends on your preference as well but doesn't forget that your customers are very important and the brand is about them.

Talk to your employees, potential customers as well as current clients about what inspired the change and what the process was like. Don't forget to mention what the new brand is about.

Go beyond the logo and the essential exercise in graphic design. Your brand is received at every point of contact and should be reviewed from all angles. 

Your main objective is creating a powerful brand that makes your company stand out from the rest. At 92 West we understand this and that's why we are here to help you. We are a company that can help you refresh your brand and become at the top of your niche. We can give you advertising layouts, multimedia and digital integration among others. We also ensure that your visual system is fully customized together with touch-points that ensure you show your unique qualities that make you different from the rest.

Call us today at 402.620.2633 or request an appointment now.

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