Omaha’s Best Web Design Company is Moving Downtown

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By | Dec 22, 2015

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We have had an amazing time in our Millard office this past five years (and we will miss everyone at 13504), but it's time to evolve to the next step in 92 West's growth.

New Office Features

  1. Most notably, the new office features a full photo / video studio which will allow us to completely service our client's onsite!
  2. We'll also have a much larger conference room
  3. Cool commons area if you just want to stop in and "kick it"
  4. A wonderful kitchenette for networking and of course an open house (coming soon).
  5. Additionally, we'll now have an internet connection which allows us to upload files at a whopping 500 MBS! So... our 2 Gig trade show and video files will move lighting quick!.

Office Location

Moving is always an undertaking and we'll be gradually moving into our new spot with our first day scheduled for the start of the year! Please feel free to drop in and see our new digs in January at 2626 Harney Street, Suite D, Omaha, NE 68131.

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