Marketing Tips for Black Friday

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By | Nov 9, 2019

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Why Focus on Holiday Marketing?

Marketers build trust with existing and potential users when they acknowledge current events and holidays. When brands are consistently active on social media, they increase brand exposure, attract new clients, build trust with existing ones, and continue to develop their own brand identities. For example, a simple Instagram post on National Puppy Day humanizes your brand—or a full marketing Christmas campaign can drive twice as many users. Paying attention to holidays and current events can only help your brand.

Black Friday Marketing

It goes without saying that Black Friday marketing is a huge deal. Companies that sell similar products are in competition with each other on this day. It all boils down to marketing, and who has the most attractive deal. This is why marketing focused on a specific product is crucial to stand out. Show consumers how your product can benefit their lives, and then explain your Black Friday discount.

The most effective way to visually market Black Friday is by showing authentic and real ways your product can benefit the lives of others. It’s also important to effectively communicate your Black Friday offer. If you simply want to participate in the conversation surrounding the holiday, authentic photos (or stock photos) of people shopping are good, too.

Hashtags for Black Friday 2019

Relevant hashtags can help your content get discovered during this holiday on social media. Some popular hashtags are: #BlackFriday #BlackFriday2019 #Shopping #HolidaySeason

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