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By | Jul 7, 2015

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92 West worked with ClearScreen Enterprises, a trucking / shipping start-up, to create an identity that represents the company's unique and cost effective business model; the Tri-Force System. We reviewed the supplied graphics (one visual below), business model documentation, as well as used our internal questionnaire to create a series of unique concepts for them to review. The concept selected for further development incorporated 3 V's to form the 3 overlapping triangles that visually represent the core strengths of their system.

Print / Graphic Design:

For the business card, we printed with Cutting Edge Business Cards and utilized a 16PT white card stock.  The card is full color and full bleed on the front and back with an additional spot of metallic ink on both sides to give the appearance of foil.  Great results and inexpensive to print!

Tri-Force System 50,000 Foot View:

The Tri-Force system is a unique slip seating arrangement developed by the founders of ClearScreen Enterprises, Inc. Our arrangement utilizes 48 day cycles that organize five drivers over two trucks into organized pre-determined off times.

Client Supplied Visual Representation of the Tri-Force System:

Logo Design Process Overview: We never know what the process will reveal.

Our job as designers and brand stewards is to reduce a complex idea into its visual essence; skill, focus, patience, and discipline are required to do so. We examine many (perhaps hundreds in some cases) ideas before focusing on a final choice.  Even after a final idea emerges we test its viability and speak with the stake holders at every decision point to ensure that their vision is held true throughout the process.

Creativity takes many roads and each preliminary approach can be a catalyst to a new approach that ends in the creation of a simple form that is both bold and memorable. At 92 West, we realize that your identity will need to be a workhorse across various media and applications.  Our design process incorporates the logotype, signature, color psychology, typography, multiple concepts, and then the final presentation.

For additional information on how 92 West can assist you with your logo design and branding needs, please contact us at 402.620.2633 or request a quote today!

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