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By | Oct 4, 2015

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Your logo can simply be described as the tool that offers a visual representation of what your company is all about. As such, it should be more than just a combination of images and words. It enhances the much-needed first impression of your business to potential customers and partners.

Below, we've compiled a few best practices which will help you further understand the process of creating a great logo for your business and common brand factors to consider throughout the creative process.

3 Best Practices to Implement when Developing Your Business's Logo / Identity

1) Do Your Homework

Creating a great logo demands a lot of effort and time meaning you’ll need ample time to do your homework and come up with a logo that ticks all your boxes. This calls for a brainstorming session in which you should ask yourself several questions regarding the role your logo plays in your business. Among the topics to consider at this stage include;

  • Your target market and the ideal type and look of a logo that appeals to them most.
  • Whether or not to accommodate your company’s name in the logo
  • Color Psychology and how it effects your brands colors
  • Comparing various designs employed by some of the successful competitors in your industry.

2) Focus Testing of the Design

During the early stages of designing your business logo, it is recommended that you assemble a few viable ideas you would want to include in the design. If possible, let all these ideas feature in your rough sketches of the design. You can then go out and get feedback on each sample from people who fit the profile of your model customers. You may want to avoid seeking opinions of family members and close friends since their feedback will most likely be biased and thus not very useful.

3) Creating The Final Design

This is the last step in creating a logo and one that requires a professional touch. Your final draft will have to be digitized in a process that involves the use of special designing tools such as Adobe Illustrator. If you do not have sufficient knowledge of how to use these tools, hiring a reputable designer firm will be your best bet at this point. You can talk to us here at 92 West for customized logo design services, and we'll be glad to assist in creating a logo that perfectly captures everything about your business and brand.

Stay open to additional feedback on the finished logo and tweak it where necessary.

Factors to Consider When Designing Your Logo Design

  1. Should be simple yet memorable - it’s recommended that you only add a few important texts to your logo and refrain from using too many colors. Use icons instead of photographs and ensure the logo is unique and easy to remember.
  2. Avoid using words where possible - the best logos use illustrations or pictures instead of words to make their impression and convey the necessary message.
  3. Avoid trendy designs - take your time and come up with an evergreen logo design that you expect to give you a long-term service. Avoid getting mislead by short-lasting trends that mean having to make multiple changes to your logo with every arrival of a new trend.
  4. Hiring a designer - brainstorming is a crucial step that you should do by yourself when creating your business logo. However, trying to create the entire logo on your own is a big mistake despite being a seemingly cheaper option for your business. An experienced designer will possibly have a better perspective of the business from the position of your potential clients than you thus making him better placed to create a superior logo.

For more information or inquiries regarding how to create exciting and more attractive logos for your business, feel free to contact us today and we'll be glad to help.

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