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By | Aug 27, 2015

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Digital marketing is a fluid landscape that from the outside looks easy, but without a robust strategy to guide your decisions and help you adapt to market shifts it can be challenging.  At 92 West, we take on all aspects of digital marketing and our approach takes into account four key areas of consideration:

Research | Assessment of the Market and Audience Discovery

Consumers have a complex relationship with media and how they engage with each media segment differs.  Through an in-depth look, we uncover ways for companies to resonate with their target market and time our approach to hit the consumer at the right moment and at the right place.

Planning | Strategy and Tactical Processes

92 West prepares brands with data-driven marketing plans that are adaptable with real-time control for Pay-Per-Click / Retargeting campaigns as well as content strategies to serve your business and your customers needs.  We understand that great content is an investment, so we work hand-in-hand with our internal creative services, seo and analytics team to ensure that your content is effective, consistent and relevant across all channels.

Execution | Development and Implementation

Hand crafted to meet your demographic's needs while keeping your competitors at bay, we implement a multi-forked plan that interweaves content strategy, social media, display media, organic search, local search, digital paid media, analytics, web development and creative services.

Analysis | Data and Reporting

At 92 West, we are transparent with our campaign results and explore with our clients where we delivered, exceeded and even where we missed.  As a process we continue to hone both our proven / successful processes as well as new technologies that become available.  

At the heart of all of our digital marketing efforts is our robust analytics and reporting to show the marketing ROI and results crucial to the campaign success / business objectives.

Brief Overview of 92 West's Digital Services / Processes 

Pay-Per-Click / Display Media

We  craft impactful campaigns to captivate and (most importantly) convert your customers.  We employ an array of services which are data-driven and consumer-focused to strategically place your ads that your demographics will identify with.  At 92 West, we factor SEO, retargeting and industry best practices into the development of the campaign and creative aspects of the display ads.  Each implementation is continually evaluated to adjust the program to meet consumer behavior head on.

Social Media

The power to speak to consumers directly and personally allows businesses to make deep connections.  At 92 West we coordinate your message in social spaces to be consistent with your brand image and track activity to ensure we're not only raising awareness, but inspiring profitable consumer action.

Giveaway / Promotions

One method to boost the traffic to your website would be to offer a limited-time promotion. This is often the same idea as online stores that sell loss leaders; or giveaways to bring in customers that will likely make other additional purchases. Some companies may say their having a sale and that gets you to the website, and when you get there; no sale is to be found. Be truthful with your promotions and sales.

E-Mail Marketing

Email could can be a great marketing tool. Be sure these emails contain intriguing information. Make your subscribers feel you are sending them a personal message to be aware of with helpful, useful information from it, instead of spam. Newsletters keep your business in customers' minds months after they buy something, and subtly invite them to return for a second purchase.

Local Search

Local search is how consumers find your establishment's information online and at 92 West we combine organic search (SEO), Social Media, Content Strategy and our Creative Services to build robust local listings that are relevant to your customers.  (Ensuring you can be found when they are looking for you and even when they are not.)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We understand SEO and have a proven record of success in developing strategies for your online search needs.  Through website analyses, content audits and reviewing your online architecture as well as your off-site content we can create a long-term strategy that will achieve the page rank goals for the key terms you want and perhaps didn't know that were valuable to pursue.

Content Strategy

When promoting a small business via internet marketing, be aware of detail and the content that you are providing your customers. Make your articles useful and original. You want the visitors that see your website to learn about your small business. Make sure you are usually keeping these people informed on what is happening with your business.

We're in the Ideas Business

At 92 West we can assist you with your online and offline marketing and can even train you do implement your own campaigns in the future.  

For more information or need assistance with your own Internet Marketing campaign contact 92 West today!

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