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By | Jul 3, 2014

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92 West is happy to announce the launch of Cutting Edge Business Cards! As we have grown as an advertising agency we realized that their was an under served niche market; high impact and professional looking business cards. Thus CEBC was born!

We have contracted with local printers as well as companies in California, New Jersey, Texas and Florida to provide a high quality, but lost cost alternative to Vista Print.  As we continue development on the site you'll see additional innovations that will allow customers to create and save their cards, re-order as needed and share them with other professionals.

Our team here at 92 West, took on the branding and web development as we would any project.  We set a budget and a time table for implementation.  In print, most logos and corporate materials consist of cyan, yellow, magenta and black.  We decided to implement a wider range of colors and go from magenta to red and "brick red" tones.  The e-commerce system was built on ExpressionEngine with the Exp:resso Store module.  We also custom programmed a module to allow customers to upload artwork post order creation which directly interfaces with the store module to approve, delete or un-approve artwork as needed.

As with any good site needs to be connected socially, we used DevDemon's Campaign module to connect the site's channel entries to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+. A great way to streamline your social posting and optimize your time doing so.

Please check out 92 West's latest project;

If you would like to know more on how we developed the site or would want an e-commerce site of your own please contact 92 West at 402.953.4395 or by clicking our request a quote link.

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