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By | Oct 24, 2019

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As a business owner, you need to keep up with the latest trends that can improve your business. Such trends can help you get new leads and convert those leads into loyal customers. One of the new techniques is the new ad extension by Google which is expected to allow users to attain leads from their ad campaigns. The new extension will allow those searching will be able to submit their information when asking for information from Google Search ads. It is currently being beta tested by Google.

How the Google Ads Extension Works

A lead extension usually functions the same way a promotion lead does. The latter usually has an icon on a call to action box that users press when they are selecting the promotions. The lead extensions will follow a similar direction but with a clipboard instead. When done choosing the campaigns, you'll be able to press the call to action section after which you'll have to key in an extended text. The text which is 30 characters or less will then bring up another display.

That will allow you to create a lead form. You'll include details about your business such as the name and a short description. A headline section is also available but the description has to be short, up to 200 characters. The information you're allowed to collect include a name, email address, physical address code, and a phone number. The header section of the form also has space for images that allows you to put in your logo. A link to your privacy policy must also be attached, and you'll have to accept the terms and conditions set by Google as an advertiser.

The last page of the submission is customizable. You'll, therefore, have a chance to edit the information you want your customers to see. You'll also add a call to action by putting in "download" or "visit website". The data collected from the extension will be submitted to your customer management system through a webhook. This will allow you to get the data in real-time.

Why it's important

Lead extensions are not only easy to use but they can also help you get more leads through your search ads. You just need to monitor the leads closely to ensure they are of high quality. You also need to be careful about how you co cert those leads to ensure profitability on your end.

Although this is believed to be a new development from Google, it's not the first time Google is trying out the technique. They already tried getting leads from search ads in 2010 but at that time it was called "contact form extensions". Advertisers got their leads through their emails but the process never progressed out of the beta testing stage. One year later Google tried again by trying what they called "cost per lead ads". Users could submit their phone numbers or email addresses from the ads to obtain more information. It didn't make it out of alpha.

To some people, the limited description allowed in the lead form extensions is a disadvantage. However, the use of a webhook makes the whole thing better. It makes the transfer of lead data into the CRM systems smoother and more efficient. The option also caters to mobile users.

Lead form eligibility

To create and use a lead form extension on Search, your account must be in a non-sensitive vertical or sub-vertical. Some sensitive verticals and sub-verticals are not eligible for lead form extensions. Learn more about lead form requirements.


How to create a lead form extension in a new Search campaign

  1. Sign into your Google Ads account.
  2. In the page menu on the left, click Campaigns.
  3. Click the plus button, and then select New campaign.
  4. In the goals section, select Leads.
  5. Under “Campaign type,” select Search.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Enter your campaign settings.
  8. In the "Ad extensions" list, select Lead form extension.
  9. If this is the first time you create a lead form extension, review and accept the terms of service for this feature.
  10. Create the extension, by selecting the extension call-to-action and entering your extension text.

The call-to-action will be automatically translated to the user’s device language but not the extension text.

  1. Create the lead form:
1. Enter the headline, business name and description
2. Choose what information you want to ask for.

You’ll need to select at least one option to continue.

3. Enter the URL to your privacy policy.
  1. Create the form submission message:
1. Enter the headline and description text.
2. If you want, you can select an available call-to-action for your users on the submission page.
  1. Once completed, click Save.

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