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By | Nov 9, 2018

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Brand Strategy Roadmap

Contrary to popular belief that a brand is all about a logo, color patterns, and other visual identities, it is actually that unique thing that makes your company stand out among the competition. A superior brand helps an organization to create meaningful relations with employees, customers, and investors, as well as build trust. However, the most daunting task is to create a strong brand that will dominate in the crowded marketplace? This is where the Brand Roadmap Strategy comes in handy.

A Brand Strategy Roadmap helps elevate the value of your enterprise in the eyes of employees, investors, and customers. At 92 West, we build commerce through culture and business with brand! We deep dive into what makes your company tick and craft a comprehensive brand strategy roadmap. With a hands-on approach that is backed by in-depth research, we work with our clients to create premium brands that resonate with their clients.

This is done by conducting thorough market research, workshops, and interviews and leveraging various techniques that help initiate meaningful discussions; bringing all stakeholders to the same page.

Why Brand Strategy Roadmap?

There are myriad of reasons why the Brand Strategy Roadmap is crucial for your business’ brand development, but the greatest of all is the fact that it provides insights and guidelines that aid you in controlling brand consistency in various customer touch points. This, in turn, will help lower the cost of your branding initiatives.

To deliver exceptional results, the Brand Strategy Roadmap examines and assesses various aspects of your business including:

  • Vision -Where your brand is heading?
  • Values - The values you select should provide an answer to this question; “What do you stand for”?
  • Mission - A defined strategy that outlines what you will do to achieve your vision.
  • Customers - Understanding the unique needs, hopes and challenges of your customers.
  • Target Market - defining the niche your brand is targeting.
  • Authenticity - What differentiates your brand from the rest?
  • Benefits - How does your brand benefit the customers both functionally and emotionally?
  • Touch Points - Which are the various customers’ touch points in your business and how to market your brand at every position?
  • Proof Points - For what reasons should people trust your brand?

With proprietary metrics, advanced tools, and useful market insights, we help design consistent and sustainable branding strategies that aid in the creation of a strong brand that not only communicates your vision but also offers excellent value to your customers.

Benefits of Having a Superior Brand

Gives Your Enterprise a Competitive Advantage

One way of gaining a competitive over the rest of the players in your field is creating a strong brand. The Brand Strategy Roadmap boasts a vast array of methodologies that can help to manage brand consistency at minimal costs.

Inspires Confidence and Trust from People

With a great brand, you will be able to attract the right people to your enterprise. Having a reliable brand can help reduce employee turnover rate by 28% and the cost of recruitment by half. With a mission to enhance company alignments and employee engagement, the Brand Strategy Roadmap instills a sense of purpose in the entire organization.

Attract Investors

A strong brand will also bring the best investors to you. It is no secret that investors love companies that have brands that are dominant in the market. The Brand Strategy Roadmap provides useful information and tools that help investors understand the value of your strategies so that they can support your company’s endeavors

Which Activities Are Incorporated In The Brand Strategy Roadmap?

For the Brand Strategy Roadmap to be successful, we perform a variety of tasks.

Activities That Involve Collaborations

I. Business Reviews
II. Team Reviews
III. #1: Workshop to know who you are.
IV. #2: Workshop to know your customers are.
V. #3: Workshop to understand your position in the market.
VI. #4: Workshop to learn about the customers buying experience.
VII. Final Meeting and Presentation

Activities from 92 West

1. Preliminary Industry Research
2. Current Collateral Review
3. Research and Audience Definition
4. Competitive Research
5. Brand Pyramid Creation
6. Brand Development and it involves Logo, Identity Guidelines, Brand Launch Plan and Brand Roadmap Presentation.

How The Brand Strategy Roadmap Works

While the process is complex and can take from one to two months, we don’t use pre-designed content, but work with the information that is provided by the company at that moment. 

The Brand Strategy Roadmap Involves:

Learning About Your Company

We seek to get critical information about your business through preliminary industry research, workshops, and interviews that are centered on your brand’s vision, mission and core values. Audits of your existing marketing collateral materials are also conducted.

Defining Your Customers

Four our agency to develop the personas to whom the branding activities will be aimed at, we conduct workshops and analyze the various market segments. This step involves in-depth customer data analysis, research, and when needed, surveys can also be done.

Understanding Your Position in the Market

With rigorous competitive research that is followed by a workshop, we try to find out the unique market position of your enterprise. Additionally, we also audit the top competitors in your target market. From the data collected, we obtain a brand pyramid that showcases the exact position your company and identify the supporting proof points that help us to develop a brand blueprint for your organization.

Customer Experience

By initiating guided discussions, we identify the customer's touch points and try to understand where the opportunities to strengthen your brand exists. This helps to reinforce the brand value, enhance the brand experience, and increase the money customers spend.

Brand Development

After our thorough process of reviewing and analyzing your company, we reconcile our work and ensuring that we did not omit anything. Then, we transition the brand we have developed into an authentic logo and a set of visual and messaging brand plans. Finally, we meet with you for the last time to present our findings and make recommendations.

If you feel that your company’s brand needs an overhaul, make an effort to inquire about our Brand Strategy Roadmap process, and we will be happy to provide details and costs.

Call us at 402.620.2633 or by clicking to request a quote.

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