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By | Oct 12, 2015

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Having a sound digital marketing strategy is crucial to your business regardless of whether you run a small firm that only sells a few products, or a larger one dealing with hundreds of different products and services. If you haven’t prioritized this area in your company, then it's time to give it the much-deserved thought and craft a digital marketing plan. This will in turn help your business keep up with the fast-pacing business environment.

Read on to discover the five crucial actionable steps on how to create an effective digital marketing strategy.

1. Set Your Business Goals

In this step, you'll first need to define the overall mission and objectives of your business. As such, your desired digital marketing plan should then comfortably fit into this overall plan.

At this stage, it is important that you set realistic objectives, preferably by revisiting your previous digital marketing pursuits to help you avoid placing your bar either too high or too low. Additionally, identify an automated method to help you track your performance, e.g. Google Analytics to help you measure conversions.

2. Analyze the Past by Referencing Benchmarking Reports

This step is closely related to the one above which means you could even conduct the two simultaneously. It involves analyzing past success or failures that you might have had with previous digital marketing attempts. Doing this helps you focus on setting efficient performance indicators (KPIs) for your business. Use reputable tools such as Google’s Benchmarking Reports and Google Analytics to measure your performance. This should be conducted within a specified span that you could set in your Google Analytic calendar for easier tracking.

In business, it’s always important to have your competition in mind in everything you do. As such, analyzing your competitors’ digital strategies is a crucial task you should never forget to carry out. Make use of tools such as SEMrush, RankingCoach, MOZ etc. to help you identify their SEO strategy and all other online activities that have been bringing them marketing success.

3. Speak to Your Audience

It is easy to get overwhelmed with your planning and other related tasks as demanded by your digital marketing campaign. This might even go to the extent of forgetting the most important component in the mix- your audience. However, this should never be the case if you’re looking to achieve success with your digital marketing plan.

So, what should you do? Begin by collecting all the necessary demographic information of your target consumers such as age, gender, location, etc. Get to learn their problems, aspirations, fears and everything else that could easily stir their reactions. It is through this knowledge that you can communicate and forge a lasting relationship with them.

4. Identify Your Budget

This step involves taking stock of your business’s existing resources to help you determine how well you’re prepared to partake your digital marketing campaign. Formulate a realistic digital marketing budget that takes into consideration crucial resources such as the size of your current team, money available and your current digital marketing channels.

5. Write Down Your Plan and Adjust as Needed

One thing you’ll need to acknowledge is the fact that your digital marketing plan is never going to work as perfectly as it promises on paper. As such, it is important to have an open mind and continuously monitor and measure the performance of your strategy. Through this, you can then make any adjustment where needed.


Integrating a detailed digital marketing strategy into your grand marketing plan is crucial for your business success especially in this digital era. It helps you take advantage of the growing opportunities online while increasing your company's visibility on the market. Implement the five-step process outlined here and stand a better chance of seeing off your competition.  

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