Branding is the Convergence of Language and Intent

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By | Apr 4, 2017

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At 92 West one of our core focuses is on the convergence of language and brand. If you are looking for a proven partner to help guide you through the waters of branding your firm then we would be happy to talk on your goals and what problems you are facing with your existing identity.

Need more information on what branding is? Great!

With brand development we key on multiple angles of approach, but really it boils down to six key aspects.

  1. Naming
  2. Strategy & Story
  3. Copywriting
  4. Brand Messaging
  5. Brand Voice
  6. Taglines

Naming. It's a must to get it right the first time.

Why does a name matter?

Your brand name lies at the center of everything your business entails which is why it’s important that you get it right from the onset. This is how others identify with your firm or perhaps you personally. Frankly, you don’t want to get into a situation where you’re forced to change it later as this can pose quite a significant challenge to your business and how customers perceive you.

At 92 West, we help you in all types of brand name development including naming companies, events, services, campaigns and more. This has seen us get involved in naming numerous brands for nearly all sectors in different parts of the nation.

Below are the seven key steps we follow in our naming - although we are often flexible and can thus alter the process depending on particular client’s needs.

Branding Brief

This involves getting some basic info and materials needed from the client as regards to what we’re naming.


We conduct competition analysis, craft a naming strategy before getting down to brainstorming.

Discuss and Verify

Here, we get back to the client and share with them our findings and the strategy we aim to adopt going forward. This helps to ensure that we’re on the same page.

Brand Development

At this stage, we unleash our creative magic. With this, we’re able to generate lots of names to choose from.


Once we’ve compiled a list of possible names, we screen them for linguistic viability, URL availability, as well as trademarks.


We formally present all the viable names while also explaining how each can be used optimally.


Finally, we let you make the final decision. Still, we’re available anytime you need our counsel.

Keeping your Options Open

We’ve always aimed to remain as flexible as possible which is why we are able to fit most budgets, projects, and timing. With that in mind we offer a variety of services including linguistic disaster checks, culture acceptability evaluations among others and can connect you with the appropriate parties to do global trademark screening . This way, we’re able to help you step into the market with the strongest brand possible.

Strategies and Stories

At 92 West, we’re of the opinion that your brand’s essence entails your worldview, personality, promise, and values.

Crafting Your Story

Having challenges relaying your message to the world? You’re not alone. Luckily, we’re here to help you.

Our objective is to uncover your core strengths and use your vision for your business to help you create a robust strategy that caters for all key aspects of your brand.

We’ll assist you tell it like it is…

Let’s face it. We all love engaging stories. Indeed, most of today’s cultures have been shaped by stories told thousands of years ago and passed down through generations. In the business environment, it is the unique stories brands give that help to differentiate them from their competitors.

Ours, therefore, is to guide you in strategically developing interactive stories that engage your audience, capture their hearts and communicate who you really are; thus why your brand matters.

Brand Copywriting

Let us guide you in crafting the right message, in the tone / voice, to the right target audience and at the right time.

Our Approach to Copywriting — The Road to Home

We intend to tell stories that easily engage your target audience while also defining your brand. Engaging your audience. Telling them why they should believe in you and how you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Our love for copy is why we’ve brought together a formattable team of talented writers to help you dig deep; getting to the bottom of what your communications need to be successful. Our intent is to craft words that work; polished content, story driven... content that works for your business, your website and beyond.

Helping you Achieve your Communications Objectives: How do we get there?

First, we help you formulate guiding principles to follow when building your brand and connecting with your audience. This way, you’re able to learn what really makes you tick and also understand how to make your audience choose you over the competition.

Together, we’ll unearth all your communication needs and ultimately assist you create a clear message that your audience loves.

Brand Messaging

What matters is whether your brand is able to send a message that your unique audience can relate to.

Your brand communicates to different stakeholders each day including the media, employees, and most importantly the consumers. However, you’ll hardly find a one-suit-all message for all these entities. Indeed, messaging is about finding a suitable language that engages a specific audience and ultimately remaining relevant to their unique needs.

At 92 West, we believe in helping you develop a compelling messaging strategy that aligns perfectly with your core brand values while also resonating seamlessly with your target audiences. We achieve this through organizing workshops and discussions with you as well as providing you with the right tools that enable your company communicate meaningfully across all of the key channels.

Brand Voice

How effective is your brand’s tone in capturing its unique essence and your audience attention?

Want to attract customers to your brand? Mind the voice of your brand. As such, set strategic brand voice guidelines which help you communicate in an easily recognizable tone across various channels of communication that you use.

Think of it like this... if messaging is what you say, your voice is HOW YOU SAY IT (all caps means something... it might not be right... but it's a clear example). Is your brand warm? Clever? Cutting Edge? Calm? The way we speak often determines perception. This is true with brand communication as well; consistent tone across all points of contact.

At 92 West, we help you define how your brand speaks to your audience by creating a distinctive brand voice while that leverages a sound strategy with proven tactics; bringing your voice to life. Our ultimate goal is to enable both your internal teams and the external partners speak in one recognizable tone across all brand channels.


How about we capture your brand’s entire story in less than four words that wow?

Looking for a tagline or slogan that consumers can easily memorize and relate to your business any time they hear it? We can assist you craft this incredibly powerful tool. With it, you’ll be able to express your vision, position your brand, or even describe what your audience can expect from your business in the fewest possible words.

Delivering Above the Obvious

Considering that each tagline project is unique in its own way, we’ve learned to always start with an open mind. In fact, for tagline development, we follow a 7-step development approach (another article for another day) that mirrors our naming process as described earlier. However, we can still tailor this process so that it fits your unique needs.

I hope this was informative and helped give shape to the overarching process that is brand development.

Now my pitch (you knew it was coming right smile)

Looking for a reputable branding partner? Check out how we can help you meet your goals by developing an approach that works with your brand and speaks the language that drives home the message that you are great and are worth action.

Give us a shout at 402.620.2633 or fill out a quick form to request pricing and set-up a meeting. Truly to hone your message we need to understand your branding problems which will drive questions and deliver the solution.

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