​3 Important Lessons On How To Integrate Content Strategy And User Experience

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By | Oct 10, 2015

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Technological advancements and research point to the fact that it is increasingly important to develop new ways to integrate Content Strategy and User Experience into web design. Till recent times, it was just a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle and it was more or less easy to fit them together. However, it has now evolved into a challenging task and is akin to solving the Rubik’s Cube riddle. You need to have a clear understanding of their complex interdependence. 

By the way, establishing a relationship between Content Strategy and User Experience, though it is in the process of evolving, is the minimum requirement as far as digital viability is concerned. It is no longer cutting edge technology. Therefore, understanding the dynamics of integration is essential to establish the relationship between the two as in the case of Rubik’s Cube’s 43 Quintilian arrangement options. The aim of this post is to provide some insight into the integration of Content Strategy and User Experience with the help of three important real-life lessons. 

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#1: Mobile Phones Have Changed the Way People Read

A Microsoft study involving over 2,000 people showed that a person’s attention span, on average, is 8 seconds. This is 4 seconds less than the 12 seconds recorded during a similar study in 2000 and it shows that people digest information in a totally different way today as compared to a couple of years ago. Our reading habit has shifted from skimming to glancing. As much as 44 percent of the participants in the study said that in order to remain focused on the tasks at hand they have to make a concerted effort. It is difficult for people to stay focused on anything for a long period of time. It becomes almost impossible, if your website is a dull one. Therefore, it is dangerous to assume that your customer is different. 

This leads us to fact that it is important to use an inter-play of design and content in order to hold the visitors’ attention for sufficiently long to accomplish something. As far as designers are concerned, this means giving a great deal of consideration on vertical scrolling and its implication on content. Designers who create long pages are well aware of the fold factor and they give priority to content so that users are encouraged to go down the page and feel that they have got something for the extra effort they put in. On the other hand, content creators have to accurately identify as to what would engage the target reader and project it both spatially and linguistically. 

All said and done, the example points out the fact interesting words and compelling designs are not good enough. On one hand your designs should make the words more interesting and, on the other, your words should drive you to make compelling designs. This is what you will have to focus on to connect with modern readers.

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#2: Ensure a Great User Experience When People Research On Mobiles

Studies show that for as many as 71 percent of the in-store shoppers who use mobile phones to do online research, in-store experience is secondary compared to their mobile device. This shows that customers are not only researching, but also educating themselves about things of interest more than ever before prior to making buying decisions. They researches are primarily carried out on mobile devices. Again, research shows that nearly 40 percent of the visits to e-commerce websites are through mobile devices. Therefore, providing an integrated experience and being there with an answer as and when a question props up or need arises for them has become a necessity. 

This is what it all boils down to: good design ensures you are there and good content provides answers. However, it is the integration of design and content that helps you to build trust and drive your business.

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#3: Support Aesthetic Design By Telling Stories

Visitors stay on a page for just 10 to 20 seconds. If your page offers value, you can hold their attention for a little more time. Storytelling is essential for ensuring a good User Experience. This is because stories create emotions in people. Moreover, people are looking out for resonating experiences that are built around emotion. You cannot figure out some design and create some content and put them together as the last step of the website creation process. Both the processes have to go in tandem, meaning User Experience and design are interlinked. You can no longer show a few gray boxes and just provide filler text. The layout should be capable of capturing intent of your design in full.

What does all this mean to you? 

It means that creating a mobile responsive website as per best practices and incorporating nice aesthetics is not enough. The design should be such that users are able to connect with it and fulfill their needs. You just cannot achieve this without telling a story. Through the keywords you use and titles and phases you include, you have to create a holistic picture which in turn would provide a great resonating experience to consumers. This is what helps you to engage your customers and make them stay longer on the page. As they stay longer, your conversion rate also improves. 

This is when you start thinking about involving expert website designers in these processes. You must realize that it is essential to collaborate with Content Strategists and User Experience Design Strategists right from the start in order to develop the most effective way of connecting with the consumers of today. Of course, the process of integration is continuing to evolve, but as long as you stay focused on understanding the needs of the consumer and following the lessons explained above, you will be on solid ground.

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