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How To Optimize Video Advertising For Your Brand in 2021: A Practical Guide

By Troy Kadavy | May 3, 2021
[ Video Production ] [ Branding & Strategy ] [ Digital Marketing ] [ Graphic Design ] [ Website Design / Development ]

In the digital age, a video reaches the highest number of people faster than any other medium. In fact, as far back as the early 80's, marketing and communications was largely driven by the audiovisual aspect. However, with social media...

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Local Pay-Per-Click (Adwords) Management

By Troy Kadavy | Jun 18, 2020
[ Digital Marketing ] [ Multi-Media Marketing ] [ Online Reputation Management ] [ Paid Search Advertisement ] [ Search Engine Marketing ] [ Social Media Marketing ]

For over a decade now, 92 West has been keen on helping businesses nationwide to boost their return on investment (ROI) when investing in Google’s Pay-per-Click services (PPC services), or when using any other PPC services offered by modern...

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Marketing Tips for Black Friday

By Jamie Kadavy | Nov 9, 2019
[ Digital Marketing ] [ Multi-Media Marketing ] [ Paid Search Advertisement ] [ Social Media Marketing ]

Why Focus on Holiday Marketing?Marketers build trust with existing and potential users when they acknowledge current events and holidays. When brands are consistently active on social media, they increase brand exposure, attract new clients,...

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Capture Leads with Google Adwords Latest Ad Extension

By Troy Kadavy | Oct 24, 2019
[ Digital Marketing ] [ Paid Search Advertisement ] [ Search Engine Marketing ] [ Social Media Marketing ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ Website Development ]

As a business owner, you need to keep up with the latest trends that can improve your business. Such trends can help you get new leads and convert those leads into loyal customers. One of the new techniques is the new ad extension by Google which...

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Video and Photography Studio Space for Hourly Rent in Omaha, NE

By Troy Kadavy | Jul 31, 2019
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Digital Marketing ]

92 West has created a low cost alternative to our full studio right here at the 2626 Harney Street location. For $50.00 an hour (Minimum of 4 Hours) you can rent out our production studio for your photography or interview style (talking head)...

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Chatbot Automation for the Holidays and Beyond

By Jamie Kadavy | Nov 27, 2018
[ Digital Marketing ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ E-Commerce ]

Unlike in the past when holiday shopping meant making rounds in physical stores looking for season's must-have accessories for your children, e-commerce is here and forever changed the game entirely. Right now, all you need is a device with...

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Web Design: How to Craft a Compelling Call to Action for Your Website

By Troy Kadavy | Mar 20, 2017
[ Digital Marketing ] [ Website Design / Development ] [ Content Creation ] [ User Experience ] [ Web Design ] [ Website Development ]

Web Design: How to Craft a Compelling Call to Action for Your WebsiteOne of the key components of designing an effective website is identifying (early on) the true nature of the site and how we can convert visitors into subscribers, customers or...

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Tips on Developing a Digital Marketing / Media Strategy for 2017

By Jamie Kadavy | Mar 6, 2017
[ Digital Marketing ] [ Multi-Media Marketing ] [ Paid Search Advertisement ] [ Social Media Marketing ]

Digital Marketing Essentials for Developing an Effective Media Strategy Statistics show that more people are watching online videos on YouTube and other related media platforms with the trend expected to grow even more throughout 2017. Thankfully,...

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Driving Engagement in Our Digitally Connected Age

By Jamie Kadavy | Aug 12, 2016
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Brand Strategy ] [ Digital Strategy ] [ Digital Marketing ]

In today’s digital age, it is the customers who call the shots in determining how user-experiences are driven. This is one of the reasons brands have been forced to expand their customer touch points from email and social media platforms to...

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Performance Driven Digital Marketing with PPC

By Jamie Kadavy | Jul 14, 2016
[ Digital Marketing ] [ Paid Search Advertisement ]

Boost Your Conversion Rate and Reduce Your Costs. Over the years, AdWords has grown significantly and is now more competitive and costlier than ever. As such, you’ll need to employ various inventive tactics to achieve substantial results with...

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