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Journey to Your Dream Brand: Our Process for Logo Design and Branding

By Troy Kadavy | Jun 8, 2023
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Brand Strategy ] [ Graphic Design ] [ Logo Design ]

Welcome to our impact blog! If you're a business owner contemplating a new logo or a brand revamp, you've landed at the right place. In this post, we'll walk you through our comprehensive process for logo design and branding - a process that ensures...

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Brand Evolution in the Digital Age

By Troy Kadavy | Mar 9, 2023
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Brand Strategy ] [ Digital Strategy ] [ Digital Marketing ]

The digital age has brought about meaningful shifts in how brands interact with their customers, and both challenges and opportunities are associated with brand evolution in this new environment. Here are some key considerations:Challenges:Increased...

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Logo Design, Branding and Beyond

By Troy Kadavy | Feb 28, 2023
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Graphic Design ] [ Logo Design ]

The process of branding constructs a unique identity for a business that differentiates it from competitors and makes recognition and loyalty among customers. It's not just about creating a logo or a tagline but also about developing a consistent...

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Guide to Building a Strong Brand that Connects to Customers

By Troy Kadavy | Jul 6, 2022
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Brand Strategy ] [ Digital Strategy ] [ Graphic Design ] [ Logo Design ]

A brand is more than just a logo or slogan - It's the emotional connection that customers feel with a company, product, or service. A strong brand can create lifelong relationships, build trust, and become irreplaceable in a crowded...

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How To Optimize Video Advertising For Your Brand in 2021: A Practical Guide

By Troy Kadavy | May 3, 2021
[ Video Production ] [ Branding & Strategy ] [ Digital Marketing ] [ Graphic Design ] [ Website Design / Development ]

In the digital age, a video reaches the highest number of people faster than any other medium. In fact, as far back as the early 80's, marketing and communications was largely driven by the audiovisual aspect. However, with social media...

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A Strong Website Development Strategy is Key to the Site’s Success

By Troy Kadavy | Nov 25, 2019
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Brand Strategy ] [ Website Design / Development ]

Great websites are always created with a winning development strategy behind them. Whether you are creating a whole new site or you’re embarking onto a unique website redesign experience, having a solid website development strategy in place is...

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Strategic Brand Refresh

By Troy Kadavy | Nov 4, 2019
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Brand Strategy ] [ Graphic Design ] [ Logo Design ]

Refreshing your brand is one of the most important things you should do often. While at it, you need to remember that it takes more than just graphic design. Branding lets you define, maintain and convey the values of your company. It is the process...

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Video and Photography Studio Space for Hourly Rent in Omaha, NE

By Troy Kadavy | Jul 31, 2019
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Digital Marketing ]

92 West has created a low cost alternative to our full studio right here at the 2626 Harney Street location. For $50.00 an hour (Minimum of 4 Hours) you can rent out our production studio for your photography or interview style (talking head)...

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Building a Brand Strategy

By Troy Kadavy | Nov 9, 2018
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Brand Strategy ] [ Digital Strategy ] [ Graphic Design ] [ Logo Design ]

Brand Strategy Roadmap Contrary to popular belief that a brand is all about a logo, color patterns, and other visual identities, it is actually that unique thing that makes your company stand out among the competition. A superior brand helps an...

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Branding is the Convergence of Language and Intent

By Troy Kadavy | Apr 4, 2017
[ Branding & Strategy ] [ Brand Strategy ]

At 92 West one of our core focuses is on the convergence of language and brand. If you are looking for a proven partner to help guide you through the waters of branding your firm then we would be happy to talk on your goals and what problems you...

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